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nilegoddess yoga, ayurveda & reiki offers Kripalu Yoga classes, Ayurvedic Yoga consultations, and Reiki universal energy from the Dr. Usui lineage- to all interested in finding wellness, inner peace & joy.

nilegoddess yoga, ayurveda & reiki strives to provide all with the tools to create a transformative, and enlightening experience. With a focus on dinacharya (daily routine), pranayama (breath), asana (postures), chakras (energy centers) and vayus (energy movement within the body) each class is customized to meet the students needs.

Current Class Offerings:

Moderate & Challenging Movement - focus: moving and strengthening the body through sustaining the asanas (postures) with pranayama (breath) - Mondays & Thursdays in the Blue Bell, PA Studio. Contact Lisa for space availability.

One-on-One Yoga Sessions- focus:  YOU!  Private, customized, dedicated to your body. YOU and YOUR BODY are the priority, reconnecting, finding your inner wisdom. An amazing gift to yourself. 

One -on-One Ayurvedic Yoga Consultations:  Evaluation, assessment, and recommendations to bring a sense of wellness, peace, equanimity back within oneself.   

Reiki Sessions:  Private sessions for healing, opening energy blockages, and exploration and reconnection with your energy body. One-on-One only.

Private Yoga & Reiki sessions:  The absolute, ultimate in yogic and reiki experiences. Inquire for pricing.


All Classes and/or Sessions held in Blue Bell studio. Students should bring their own yoga mat. 

One-on-One Yoga and/or Reiki sessions can be held in the Blue Bell studio, or off-site if requested. Special pricing applies.


Call or Email for more information!


about nilegoddess yoga, ayurveda & reiki: Lisa Pistilli, a graduate of Kripalu's 200 hour teacher training program, the Himalayan Institute's Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist program, and a Reiki Master practitioner of the Usui Method, offers students compassionate, creative, and enlightening experiences in yoga, wellness and Reiki. She strives to provide all with the tools and environment to reach inside to find their inner light, grace and peace. Lisa is also enrolled in the 500 hour teacher training program at Kripalu, and has completed two of the four modules needed for graduation. Lisa weaves her extensive knowledge of yoga, ayurveda, deep pranayama and meditation, the chakra system, the energy of the vayus and the koshas into each class, encouraging students to go deeper into their experience on the mat. Lisa is also certified to teach and work with Parkinson's patients.

The nilegoddess yoga, ayurvedia  & reiki logo is based on the Egyptian Nile River Goddess statue that dates back to 3600-4000 BC. It resides at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and is considered to be a symbol of regeneration, rejuvenation and transformation. Known as Anqet, she is considered to be an empowering goddess of joy and creative energy.

nilegoddess yoga, ayurveda & reiki's mission is to help all reach inner peace, joy, contentment, & wellness by empowering the individual through simple techniques and solutions available to all. 



Strengthen, Lengthen & Calm
Yoga PLUS  
Wednesday night classes
at the Reserve at Gwynedd
5:45 - 6:45pm
see dates and sign up at the clubhouse! 


Call or email to set up
a private group class!
You set the time,
day, and place!
Curious? Nervous? Just have questions? 
Give me a call!
References are available!





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